Středisko volného času RADOVÁNEK (Leisure Time Center RADOVÁNEK)

is an educational facility for leisure education.

The founder of this organization as a legal entity is the Pilsen Region.

In its activities, it meets needs and interests of children, students, youth and adults.

It celebrates its achievements primarily in the area of technical activities, which includes making plastic models and computor programming, with participation in both national and international competitions.

It implements its activities in nine buildings and other premises of other facilities, especially schools.

It focuses on regular activities of interest groups, occasional activities (e. g. kite flying), holiday and recreational activities, spontaneous activities (unorganized fun and games for children) and club activities.

SVČ RADOVÁNEK is the guarantor and organizer of district and regional rounds of subject, art and sport competitions announced by the Ministry of Education on behalf of the Regional Authority of the Pilsen Region. 

It is involved in projects within grant policy of the Pilsen Region.

It receives funds from the ESF (European Social Fund) through partnerships in projects and its own projects.

It has its own Youth Information Center.

The director of the organization is Ms. Eva Tischlerová, phone number: + 420 737 215 121, email: