Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden

The Gymnasium is a school with a long history.  The school was founded in 1838 as a continuation of the Latin School, the first school in the Netherlands;  the oldest mention dates back to 1324.

In the school year 2015-2016 the Municipal Gymnasium Leiden (Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden – SGL) has nearly 2000 students, of which more than half from neighbouring communities. 

The SGL is a “categorical gymnasium”. It differs from other Grammar schools by offering the classical languages to all studens. This allows the students to bring them into contact with the world of thought and society of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. The impact of classical languages on our political, scientific, moral, and cultural thinking is huge. Knowledge of the ancients increased the understanding of the world today. 

The SGL is a modern gymnasium with many traditions. It is a safe haven for talent, where attention is tributed to all sorts of individual differences so that every student can fully develop his talents.

Education is characterized by the following values:

  • Content and quality of education
    The Gymnasium provides quality education. This is partly reflected in the excellent exam results. Teaching at our school is primarily aimed at acquiring a thorough knowledge. the team of teachers consists for the most par of university educated teachers with a first degree of teaching for all grades. The SGL encourages effective teaching, taking into account differences in learning pace, learning style and level. The SGL also takes into account both for students with individual delays and learning disabilities as students who can handle more than the regular curriculum and who should be able to count on additional offer and challenge.
  • Ambition and talent
    The Gymnasium strives to create an environment where ambition is not only considered as quality, but also as a result of our education for both students and teachers. This means that we offer opportunities in- and outside the classroom that go beyond the a prescribed curriculum. This means that students may develop their own talents and excel. Pupils with individual delays and learning difficulties get extra attention. Students who can handle more than the regular curriculum can count on additional offer and challenge. Besides the diploma students obtain a 'testimonial'. This consists of  a list of results of activities which the students  achieved in addition to their regular curriculum. 
    In the way the school is setting up the education it aims to emphasize the responsibility of students. Social education and collaboration with others have a top priority. Tutoring students in lower grades, assistence with their homework and even coaching of students is stimulated to elder students
  • Attitude, space and respect
    The school emphasizes self-reliance and personal responsibility of students. Social education and collaboration with others are on the top of priorities. We also strive for a smooth and orderly working environment for all students.
    An important goal is to develop a “forma mentis”, a critical and analytical attitude in our students. This attitude is of great importance at school, on university and in society.
    We encourage a climate of openness, mutual respect and work with a personal approach. Our school promotes empowerment and self-critical attitude, which respect for other conceptions and views. The SGL will not tollerate discriminatory or detroying behavior. Each student and staff member needs to feel safe and respected. 

Two locations 

The Gymnasium has since January 2010 two locations where the same education can be followed for all grades (1 – 6).

At both locations we have modern resources needed to provide quality education. The use of ICT is an important part of the learning process of our students. Both students and teachers work in an electronic learning environment. In addition, many lessons are supported by digital learning materials. For use in lessons and tutorials are approximately 450 computers available.

Athena is the name of the distinctive, attractive and historic school building at the Fruinlaan and is built in1938. The building was renovated in the meantime and expanded with a new wing.

Socrates is the name of the modern, transparent and bright building in Leiden North in a park with many opportuinities for outdoor sports.

Educational policy

A Gymnasium is an excellent preparation for the scientific and higher professional education. The percentage of students who continue their syudy at the university is high. 
Apart from the solid basic education, the study in classical languages gives an extra dimension. The students get acquinted to questions and methods on which our culture and science have been built for ages on. To be succesfull in school, our students don’t nee not be higly gifted. He must have an academical view, must be curious and above all perseverant and enjoys learning.

In the lower grades (grades 1- 3) all pupils follow the same teaching program and are assessed in the same way. In the higher grades (4 -6) students follow their lessons according to a chosen subjects: Science, Natural and Life Science, Economy and Society, Culture (Arts) and Society. A combination of subjects is also possible.

Our expectations about the students' performance is relatively high. The SG: encourages students to study more subjects and obtain more knowledge and skills than the minimum curriculum. Since we discern differences in interests, pace, ability and learning styles, we pay attention to differentiation within the subjects.

Pedagogical environment

Students in the lower grades remain in the same class as much as possible. The class grouping ensures that students are in a tight peer group, where they can lean on each other. This creates a sense of community that we promote through many joint activities. In addition, the school tries to pay attentionto the individual differences in talents and interests. Through the choice of a combination of modules in the grades 4 – 6, there is a limited class bandage.

Of great importance for enjoying schooltime and for optimal results a safe school environment is important, in which students can be themselves. Teachers emphasize the importance of respect for each other's opinions. Discriminatory or undermining behavior is not tolerated.