Stichting Confessioneel Onderwijs Leiden

SCOL is the Acronym of Stichting Confessioneel Onderwijs Leiden, (Foundation of Confessional (Christian)  Education). SCOL consists of 2 Grammar Schools (both 2500 students) and 10 Primary Schools in Leiden, Leiderdorp and Zoeterwoude (app. 3000 pupils)
The organisation is founded in order to guarantee confessional education in the Leiden region in all kind of education (pre-vocational and pre-academic).
Schools of SCOL maintain their own protestant-christian or roman-catholic tradition. Students from other religions (muslim, hindu f.i.) are also welcome.

In the  Talent education partership all schools of SCOL can take part. The initiative is taken by the Bonaventuracollege and the PE schools (Klankbord, St. Joseph, Tweemaster, Pacelli, Westwoud, de Schakel, Daltonschool De Leeuwerik, Klaverweide, Bernardus, De Singel).

Bonaventure College

The Bonaventure College is a Catholic Schoolcommunity  for Gymnasium , Grammar school, and Pre-vocational education.  The school is named after Giovanni di Fidanza, known as Bonaventura.

He was born about 1217 in Bangoreggio at Viterbo in Italy. At the age of 26 he joined the Franciscan order.

Bonaventura was renowned for his teacher qualities. He was not only an influential teacher, but also a successful director. He led with Thomas of Aquin the University of Paris and was considered the most prominent representative of the Franciscan order. A year before his death, he was appointed cardinal. He died in 1274 in Lyon on July 15.

We are inspired by Bonaventura, his way of teaching, education and government. Ambitious, committed, creative and above all respectful of each other's backgrounds and ideas. 

Our main goals:

  • to be a school community with all kinds of educations, clearly organised in small scale units
  • to provide good education fot students, each to its nature, disposition and level
  • to prepare the student as well as possible on further education or subsequent career in society
  • to create a safe environment with emphasis on confidence, respect and responsibility 
  • to provide opportunities for a variety of cultural,sporting and social activities.

The location Burgravenlaan offers education to approximately 900 students, with ambition. The school strives to stimulate students to be motivated  and challenged to (lifelong) learning, to develop themselves broadly, not only academcally but also in a cultural and societal way.

The school lays emphasy on (global) entrepeneurship and internationalisation. The school is a certificated ELOS school and undertakes exchange programs to schools in a variety of European countries. The international program Empowering Students to European Citizenship is lately rewarded by a European grant of Erasmusplus. 

The location Marienpoelstraat offers education to approximately 1000 students. The school is housed in a characteristic, monumental bulding. The building has been renovated for modern education, with respect to authentic elements in the building. Besides regular classrooms the building contains an Open Learning Centre with a mediatheque, a science lab, ateliers for visual arts, a musical centre and an auditorium which can also serve for theatre performances. 

In education the school leans on three pillars: a strong Gymnasium (including classical languages), high performances in Science, and education in different kinds of Arts (Music, Visual Arts). The school has a partnership with the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague. 

Visser 't Hooft Lyceum

The VHL is a protestant-christian school with 1350 students in all (theoretical) educational levels. The school is (as ELOS school) internationally oriented. The school offers bi-lingual education in all levels. That means that in different subjects lessons are teached in English language. Besides all the common subjects, including classival languages, science and arts, student can follow lessons in Spanish and Chinese. The school organises exhanges to different countries in and outside Europe.