Directly after following and interim checking of the step-by-step plan designed for the assignment, follows the evaluation of the answer or of the reading comprehension. The teacher only coaches when the pupil fails to do this.




The pupil writes down the answer and tries to see if the answer is likely. If necessary, the teacher can ask the pupil(s) to check their answers for probability. In case of a text, the pupil now checks if he knows enough about the subject.




In case of a sum, the pupil can now compare the outcome of the sum to his initial estimate, or do a recalculation. In a reading assignment, the pupil can summarize the text in his own words after having read it. The pupil decides whether his conclusion is plausible.





Comparing calculated or reasoned the answer to a previously determined estimate ensures a better chance of a correct answer.





The teacher marks the pupils work:  if it has not been finished well, the pupil will be addressed. The teacher reminds the pupil that he is supposed to check the answer for logic and probability. The teacher mainly talks to the pupils and draws their attention to the checking process