Example projects


Roadmap study of texts

A simple step-by-step plan that could be exercised as a routine.

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Step-by-step plan Maths

A step-by-step plan for pupils to use for Mathematics (calculation sums). For each step it is explained why to make this step.

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General subjects

The Tower of Hanoi

In this lesson the children experiment with the "Tower of Hanoi". What are the steps they could take to move the discs from the left to the right? And how can a step-by-step plan help?

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That's how I make a paper!

This is a step-by-step plan for pupils on the elementary school to make a paper based on the Metacognition steps.

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A fully elaborated document metacognitive skills for text studying and problem solving (Dr. Marcel Veenman, IMO, The Netherlands)

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