Systematical execution




The pupil executes his or her own step-by-step plan meticulously while doing the assignment. The teacher only coaches when the pupil fails to do this.




The pupil follows his or her step-by-step plan. The teacher may remind the pupil of his step-by-step plan. The teacher can ask the pupils at which step he or she is.




The pupil does a sum step by step. He or she reads the text, paying particular attention to things that are important for answering the question





Systematically following a step-by-step plan is an important stage in the execution of an assignment. When the designed plan is strictly followed, there is a better chance of a more accurate and correct execution of the task. Moreover, the pupil retains a better overview.




One way of stimulating this is to first have children start working on the assignments on their own, after instruction. They can ask for assistance no sooner than after 10 minutes. Pupils who find this difficult get a short hint, after which they still have to try by themselves for 10 minutes