It is important for the pupil to do interim checks during the execution of an assignment to see if he is making any mistakes and whether everything is clear to him. The teacher only coaches when the pupil fails to do this.




The pupil regularly checks what he or she is doing, on the basis of his or her step-by-step plan. The teacher may remind the pupil of his plan. The teacher could ask the pupil which steps he is at.




The pupil regularly stops to ask himself whether he or she is doing well. For instance, with a sum, he checks whether every step has been calculated well and whether he has made any careless mistakes. And with a reading assignment, the pupil checks at every sentence or paragraph if the understands the contents well.





Interim monitoring ensures that the pupil sticks to following his step-by-step plan, thus arriving at a correct answer as quickly and effectively as possible, without any errors caused by sloppiness..




Sometimes the teacher can devise a checklist together with the pupil, to ensure that the pupil sticks to his step-by-step plan and associated time schedule.